SCAA - Specialty Coffee Association of America

19th Annual Conference & Exhibition

May 5-7, 2007
Long Beach Convention Center
300 E. Ocean Blvd.
Long Beach, CA, 90802 - USA

Booth #769

Coffee was not discovered until around 600 AD in the Middle East and was only introduced into  Europe in the 16th century, nevertheless people have concentrated all their efforts to make it become one of the most popular drinks in the world.
The continuous research and use of sophisticated technologies to better appreciate the  quality of coffee and at the same time  facilitate its preparation, has been a recurrent theme throughout  the last centuries.

The IMA CL123, on show at SCAA, represents the latest generation of packaging machines capable of guaranteeing the tradition of  highest product quality  in the most user-friendly packaging solution … pods .

The IMA CL123 is the only monobloc machine in the world packaging coffee, herbs and barley in pods, in a modified atmosphere (inert gas) at controlled temperature and heat-sealing them in envelopes.

Thanks to its control systems, it maintains exceptional levels of efficiency and stability, providing the maximum guarantee of quality.

The machine’s flexibility allows a size change from a 7 gram pod to a 14 gram one in less than 45 minutes, without having to work on any of the mechanical elements.

After grinding, the coffee blend enters the CL123 infeed hopper. From this stage onwards, all production steps take place in a modified atmosphere, thus preserving the coffee aroma entirely. Once closed in its envelope, the pod is packaged in boxes, flow-packs, etc.

Only the CL123 is equipped with an envelope boxing unit offering glue or tuck-in closure. The boxing unit is optional.

The CL123 reaches a speed of 120 pods/minute.

For more info:

Fabio Franceschi
Product Development Manager