January 30 - February 2, 2007
Krasnaja Presnya exhibition Center
Krasnopresnanskaja nab. 14
123 100 Moscow, RUSSIA



IMA SpA c/o Italian Pavillion
Hall 2.1  - Stand 1090

At UPAKOVKA 2007 the IMA Group will present, in a space of more than 120 square meters, new machines for the tea, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Packaging of tea in ecological filter bags

The IMA C24 is the ideal solution for the packaging of tea and herbs in double chamber ecological filter bags. The C24 filter bag is completely ecological: no metal staple or additional packaging materials are required to fix the tag and the cotton thread to the bag. Fixing is achieved by two simple knots which are performed simultaneously on the same station and achieved through synchronised movements of three mechanical elements controlled by cams. The C24 offers a wide range of different packaging solutions: naked bags, crimped or heatsealed outer envelope. The machine can be equipped with an automatic cartoning attachment available in two different versions. The machine has a production speed of 350 bags/minute and the high process control during the whole working cycle of the C24 guarantees the higher efficiency and product quality.

Tube filling

On show, the new tube filler CO.MA.DI.S. C945 which is suitable to handle aluminium tubes at a mechanical speed of 45 tubes/minute. The aluminium tube closing unit is available in standard with normal, double or saddle fold. The machine having a stainless steel structure and a new type of automatic empty tubes feeding magazine, has been completely redesigned complying with the highest manufacturing process standards. Innovative features of the C945 include a dosing pump that can be dismounted without using any tools and the control panel with a programmable display is easily accessible to the operator. For the polythene tubes is available hot air or hot jaws sealing technology. Thanks to the design criteria the machine allows an easy access to the four sides of the basement for maintenance operations.

End of Line

The IMA BFB AC60 is an innovative single and collator overwrapping machine specifically designed to meet the market requirements, in particular of the cosmetics industry. This machine is extremely compact and easily accessible. It can run heatsealable plastic film such as polypropylene, PVC or cellophane fed from a reel. The change over can be carried out in a few minutes without using tools. Among the optional items, it is possible to have the products individually discharged to achieve a very accurate dot seal of the lateral film folds in case of high quality cosmetics overwrapping. The machine is available in several versions for single wrapping and bundling. The AC60 can reach a maximum production speed of 60 cartons/minute.

Also on show, the IMA BFB CP18, an automatic side-loading case-packer incorporating a new concept which makes it particularly suitable for the packaging of individual or bundled cartons/trays into pre-glued RS cases. The machine is extremely compact (being the product stacking operation performed in front of the main pusher) and accessible, thanks to its cantilever design. The case magazine is horizontal to make for easy loading. Pick-up and forced opening arms with suction cups ensure the case is perfectly square during the product loading operation. Case closure can be done with adhesive tape or with hot-melt glue. The size changeover can be carried out in just a few minutes, with no wrenches required. Fine adjustments can be made thanks to digital indicators. The CP18 is available in two versions (up to 10 or 14 cycles/minute).

For more info:
Elena Lucchini (exhibitions@ima.it)
Exhibition Manager