Main Steps of the IMA Group
In 1963 52% of I.M.A. Industria Macchine Automatiche was purchased by the Vacchi family and was transformed from a limited partnership to a joint-stock company so as to best promote its industrial growth and development. The production of automatic tea-bag packaging machines, a sector in which IMA is now the world leader, started in those years. Starting out as a small local company, in the same period IMA was to quickly evolve into a multinational Group characterised by a strongly dynamic and innovative spirit. The company's constant commitment to growth was to lead it to develop its internal and external lines and to expand through the acquisition of other companies. I.M.A. Industria Macchine Automatiche s.a.s. was established in Bologna in 1961.
Setting up of Società Tecnica e Commerciale s.r.l. for the marketing of IMA products on a global scale.
IMA starts manufacturing automatic machines for the packaging of pharmaceutical products, by launching a blister packaging machine.
1980 - 1988
Setting up of branch offices in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, United States as well as in Austria to strengthen its presence in all Eastern European markets. This new organization makes for a more capillary distribution of IMA products in the most important outlets.
1982 - 1988
Acquisition of CMS, Zanasi, Farmatic, Farmomac, PM System and Cestind.
- CMS, a manufacturer of cartoners for multinational companies operating in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors, is incorporated in IMA in 1982.
- Zanasi, a dynamic and successful company throughout the 1970s, is declared bankrupt after a period of being managed under receivership. In 1985 IMA salvages the company acquiring it and meeting entrepreneurial and trade-union expectations, also guaranteeing employment levels. The 150 employees who had been put under the unemployment benefits scheme are taken back on within six months of IMA acquisition and returned to their former jobs. After in-depth analysis and market surveys with a considerable financial outlay for research and development, the company is fully restored to its manufacturing capacity.
- Farmatic, a company manufacturing capsule filling machines (established by former Zanasi engineers) for the pharmaceutical industry, is acquired in 1985. The company was in dire need of technical, organisational and financial resources that were provided by IMA.
- In line with its plans for growth in the pharmaceutical sector, in 1986 IMA acquires Farmomac, a company manufacturing micro and macrodosing machines for liquids. IMA upgrades the one-man-run company endowing it with a highly professional managerial staff.
- In 1987 PM System, a small company manufacturing monodose packaging machines for pharmaceutical products, becomes part of the IMA Group.
- In 1988 the Cestind Centro Studi Industriali is completely taken over by IMA for enhanced synergy in the field of research and development. Cestind thus becomes the core of the Group's technological innovation.
The companies acquired between 1985 and 1988 are fully incorporated in IMA S.p.A. by merger, in line with the company's strategy to rationalize the Group's activities so as to make for greater synergies in technology, marketing and management. IMA is reorganized on a Division basis. This plan of industrial organization is fully supported by the trade-unions which acknowledge its importance for maintaining existing employment levels and creating new jobs.
Win.Pack, a company manufacturing blister machines intended for newly industrialized markets, is acquired in this year. Thanks to this acquisition IMA is in a position to fully cater to the needs of the blister packaging sector. In 1996 Win.Pack is incorporated in I.M.A. S.p.A. by merger, becoming one of the company's Divisions.
IMA strengthens its presence in the important Japanese market through a joint-venture with Omori (formerly an agency of the Group) for the manufacturing and marketing of blister machines.
1995 - 1996
- In 1995 the decision is made to list the company on the Milan Stock Exchange. In addition to permitting a capitalization of the company in support of its policy for expansion, this decision leads management to reorganize the company structure so as to ensure a well-balanced and consistent development not only of IMA but also of the Group as a whole. IMA was the first manufacturing company to decide to be listed on the Italian Stock Exchange after a ten-year stagnation, thus inaugurating a new period of growth for investment opportunities in this field in Italy.
- Acquisition of BFB, Libra and Precision Gears (India)
- BFB S.p.A., a major manufacturing company of the Bolognese hinterland that was already represented by the Group, is acquired by IMA in 1996, thus completing IMA's range of end-of-line packaging machines.
- Libra Pharmaceutical Technologies s.r.l., a dynamic manufacturer of washing and sterilization machines for the pharmaceutical industry, is completely taken over by IMA in 1997.
Through these acquisitions IMA continues pursuing its policy of growth and expansion aimed at ever widening its product range so as to become a veritable global supplier to its customers.
- In the same period IMA strengthens its international standing by acquiring the control of Precision Gears; the firm, based in India and operating on Asian markets, has two plants employing about 400 people for the manufacture and marketing of blister and cartoning machines.
- 1996 also witnesses the opening of a new branch office in Beijing for the management of two joint-ventures in China, the scope being to strengthen penetration into this market that offers great prospects for development.
- IMA's Quality System is awarded ISO 9001 Certification (certificate No. Q107693 dated 9 September 1997). Carrying on in its tradition of assured dependability, IMA has its manufacturing process fully certified hence confirming its role as an ideal partner with superior capacities for major multinational and domestic companies.
- The Group strengthens its trading presence in Japan by setting up a permanent organization in the country.
A new branch office is established in Portugal.
- In early 2000 IMA acquires Kilian & Co. GmbH of Cologne, one of Germany's most important manufacturing companies. Established in 1875, this solid and highly reliable company employs 250 people and is a leader in the production of automatic tablet press machines. IMA also takes over Kilian & Co. Inc., the American marketing company of the German firm.
- In the same period IMA takes over GS Coating System s.r.l., a manufacturer of coating equipment.
- At the end of 2000 IMA sets up IMA Iberica, a new branch office to strengthen IMA's position on the dynamic Spanish market.
- IMA continues to enlarge its product range by acquiring specialised manufacturing firms operating in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, namely ICO Oleodinamici of Modena (fluid bed granulators) and S.p.A. of Milan, a manufacturer of tube-filling machines.
- On July 2, 2001 IMA's stocks are listed in the STAR (Prime Quality Stocks) segment of the Milan Stock Exchange. The decision taken by the company's top management is aimed at ensuring greater stock liquidity and a higher profile with the financial community.
- 1 January 2003 witnesses the merger plan for I.M.A. Industria Macchine Automatiche S.p.A to absorb BFB S.p.A.
- With a view to a more effective presence of the Group on the Asian market, during the year IMA increases its share and direct control of:
- Tianjin IMA Machinery Co. Ltd. (Tianjin - China);
- Zibo IMA Xinhua Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Zibo - China).
   A joint-venture aimed at the machine assembly for pharmaceutical sector is undertaken with
- Zibo IMA Xinhua Pharmatech Co. Ltd. (Zibo - Cina);
  and two trading companies:
- IMA Packaging & Processing Equipment (Beijing) Co. Ltd., (Beijing -China);
- IMA Pacific Co. Ltd. (Bangkok - Thailand)
are also set up.
- The rationalisation of the organisation’s structure continues, with the merger by incorporation of Libra P.T. s.r.l. and Ignition   Team s.r.l. in I.M.A. Industria Macchine Automatiche S.p.A..
- In September 2004 IMA acquires the US company Packaging Systems Holding LLC which owns Nova Packaging Systems LLC., world leader in counting machines and holding company of Swiftpack Ltd.. Thanks to this strategic operation, the Group widens its range of tablet and capsule processing machines, so that in addition to its blister lines it is now in a position to also offer complete bottle filling lines. What’s more Nova Packaging’s acquisition endows IMA Group with manufacturing facilities also in the United States, a market that accounts for over 50% of world drug production.
- In August 2005 IMA concludes a joint venture agreement with the Telstar Group (Spain) in the field of freeze-drying machinery for the pharmaceutical industry. The company will take on the name of IMA-Telstar and will control 55% of the Chinese company Telstar Huadong, based in Shanghai and operating in the same sector. IMA enters as protagonist into one of the pharmaceutical segments with the highest potential: at least 90% of all biotechnological products are developed in a freeze-dried state.
- Acquisition of VIMA Impianti, Italy (powder handling and washing systems).
- Acquisition of remaining 9.3% of the US Packaging Systems Holding.
- Acquisition of another 34% stake in Precision Gears, India.
- Transfer of the activities of former Libra Pharmaceutical Technologies and of IMA Aseptic Processing & Filling Division to IMA Libra, a new company.
- Acquisition of Zanchetta, Italy (powder handling and washing systems).
- Merger between VIMA Impianti and Zanchetta and subsequent establishment of Zanchetta  
- IMA and Telstar terminate the alliance.

- Acquisition of  the freeze-drying machinery business of the BOC Edwards Pharmaceutical Systems Group, undisputed leader in this sector.
- Acquisition of the Chinese Edwards Tianli Pharmaceutical Systems.
- Setting up of the Group's new organisational structure featuring 4 leading business areas in the main sectors: IMA Flavour S.r.l. (Tea & Coffee Packaging Solutions), IMA Active Division (Solid Dose Solutions), IMA Life  S.r.l. (Aseptic Processing & Filling Solutions) and IMA Safe S.r.l. (Packaging Solutions).

- Opening of a new branch office in Brazil.
- IMA S.p.A. acquires through its subsidiary IMA Life S.r.l. 51% of PharmaSiena Service S.r.l., a company that operates in the design and production of filling machines for ampoules and syringes in aseptic environments.

- Sale of the holding in CMH

- The freeze drying machinery business of the BOC Edwards Pharmaceutical Systems Group has been re-named IMA Life, with plants in the Netherlands, the USA and China.
- IMA acquires a majority stake in GIMA S.p.A., a packaging company based near Bologna, Italy, which operates prevalently in food & beverage and personal care.
- In October 2010 IMA signs an agreement for the acquisition of the “Dairy & Convenience Food” division of the Sympak Corazza Group. IMA's expansion continues in niche food packaging.

- In February 2011 IMA completes the closing of the “Dairy & Convenience Food” division and purchases the “Chocolate & Confectionery” business of the Sympak Corazza Group.
- In March 2011 IMA and SACMI sign an agreement to share the newco “CMH”. This company, dedicated to the chocolate industry, becomes “Carle&Montanari Holding” to be held on an equal-share basis.
- Setting up of the Group's new organisational structure featuring two main brands: IMA Industries (machines for the packaging of tea, coffee, food and cosmetic products) and IMA Pharma (machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products).

- Acquisition of a 40% interest in the ILAPAK Group (Switzerland)
- Acquisition of a 59% interest in Shanghai Tianyan Pharmaceutical Machinery (China)
- Sale of the entire investment in Stephan Machinery GmbH
- Sale of the entire investment in IMA Kilian GmbH & Co. KG
- IMA's investment in the ILAPAK Group rises to 51%

- IMA's investment in the ILAPAK Group rises to 81%
- Sale of the investment in Zibo IMA Xinhua Pharmatech Co. Ltd.
- Acquisition of a minority equity interest of CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals
- Agreement signed for the acquisition of BENHIL, ERCA, HASSIA, HAMBA and GASTI (OYSTAR Group)

- Agreement signed for the acquisition of a stake in Teknoweb Converting
- Completion of acquisition of BENHIL, ERCA, HASSIA, HAMBA and GASTI (OYSTAR Group)
- Completion of acquisition of a stake in Teknoweb Converting
- Sale of the holding in CMH

- Agreement signed for the acquisition of the Medtech businesses of Komax Group and Telerobot
- Completion of acquisition of the Medtech business of Komax Group
- IMA increases its interest in the Dairy&Food Group to 100%
- Completion of acquisition of Telerobot
Agreement signed for the acquisition of an 80% interest in Mapster and a minority stake in Petroncini
Agreement signed for the acquisition of a stake in MAI S.A.
Completion of acquisition of a stake in MAI S.A.
Completion of acquisition of an 80% interest in Mapster



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