Board of Directors of IMA
The company's Board of Directors currently comprises thirteen members who shall remain in office until approval of the balance sheet as at 31 December 2017

VACCHI Marco (Honorary Chairman) Curriculum
VACCHI Alberto (Chairman and CEO) Curriculum
CATAUDELLA Stefano (Non-executive Director) Curriculum
FRUGONI Paolo (Independent Director) Curriculum
GALLIANI Marco (Non-executive Director) Curriculum
MALAGOLI Andrea (Chief Operating Officer) Curriculum
PECCHIOLI Giovanni (Chief Operating Officer) Curriculum
POGGI Luca (Non-executive Director) Curriculum 
RIELLO Pierantonio (Independent Director) Curriculum  
ROLLI Rita (Independent Director) Curriculum 
SCHIAVINA Maria Carla (Non-executive Director) Curriculum   
VACCHI Gianluca (Non-executive Director) Curriculum  
VOLTA Valentina (Non-executive Director) Curriculum
Board of Statutory Auditors
The current Auditors' Committee shall be in office until the approval of the balance sheet as at 31 December 2018. It comprises:
Standing Auditors
SCHIAVONE PANNI Francesco (Chairman - Registered Auditor) Curriculum
DE SIMONE Roberta (Registered Auditor)  
PINZA Riccardo (Lawyer)  
Alternate Auditors
Spagnol Elena (Registered Auditor), Bolognese Giovanna (Registered Auditor), Ferracini Federico (Registered Auditor)
Single Committee combining the functions assigned to the Remuneration Committee, Control and Risk Committee and a Nomination Committee
Frugoni Paolo (Chairman - Independent Director) 
Riello Pierantonio (Independent Director)
Schiavina Maria Carla (Non-executive Director)
In charge of internal audit
Rizzi Claudio
Manager Responsible for Preparing Financial Reports
Marzo Sergio
Oversight Committee
Sireci Maria Lucia (Chairman – Lawyer), Diamanti Gerardo (Manager), Panzeri Mario (Certified Public Accountant)
Independent Auditors
Ernst & Young S.p.A.
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