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Did you miss out or do you just want to watch again?

In case you missed our technical webinar on April 22nd, or are interested in reviewing it, IMA Life and Linde are pleased to offer the on-demand version of our recent live webinar "Lessons Learned for Successful Induced Nucleation at Production Scale: Review and Scale-up Case-Study Using VERISEQ® Nucleation”.

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The freeze drying community has dedicated resources for artificially inducing nucleation since it was introduced to the community as a means for reliable prediction of product stability, scale-up and primary drying time reduction. Few studies have tested these processes at large scales of operation (> 40 m2 shelf area, >150,000 vials) uniformly. The current work, presented by scientists from IMA Life in collaboration with Linde, is the first known attempt at quantifying the success of such processes in inducing nucleation on a 56m2 freeze dryer operating at a load of 195,960 vials.

Speaker: Joseph Azzarella - Technical Product Manager, Ice Fog

PSM in analytical chemistry from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Joe has been with IMA since 2011 and is the technical product manager for VERISEQ® Nucleation. His areas of interest lie at the intersection of cycle development and Technology Transfer applied to freeze-drying.